Everything you need to make it through pregnancy!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 34 weeks is that pregnancy is HARD!

However, there are plenty of things to take the edge off, so here are a few things that have got me through so far…

  • Wild Nutrition pregnancy supplements as they have everything you could need in them!
  • Pukka ginger tea – for all that 1st trimester nausea that ended up lasting 20 weeks.
  • Marks & Spencer’s The Best Prawn Cocktail Sandwich and also discovering Tyrrells Posh Prawn Cocktail Crisps (I really hope I don’t get put off these post pregnancy). Apparently I’m not the only one on the specific sandwich craving (and trust me, the others don’t even begin to compare!)
  • BBhugme pregnancy pillow has been the best investment ever! So supportive and has helped make bad sleeping so much better! After asking a lot of you for recommendations, this came out top and it has been worth every penny. (Apparently it’ll also come in handy as a breastfeeding pillow).
  • Ceders Non-Alcoholic Gin with cucumber Fever Tree on those summer days where I fancied a tipple.
  • Holo Lilo (it’s a lilo with a hole in dontcha know) to allow me to sunbathe and generally chill on my front.
  • Natal Active and Latched activewear to keep me moving and looking decent for work.
  • Sprout for all their pregnancy discounts allowing me to stock up on other mus haves like Mama Mio and Squirrel Sisters, plus saving when shopping for the baby! 

I also asked you guys on your pregnancy must-haves…

And it turned out a lot of you had something to say about food and drink!

  • All the Cake
  • Almond Magnums
  • Cheese
  • Melon
  • Beef Hula Hoops
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Rice Krispie Squares
  • Pret Lemon & Ginger

Hopefully that helps you get through the next 40 ish weeks!

If you’ve got any more lifesavers to add to the list, please comment below!


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