Classes at The Barn KT9


Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Welcome to UpLift where you’ll spend 60 minutes moving, sweating and lifting things, while also boosting your mood.

Whether you’re a beginner or if this is old hat, our coaches will make sure the workout is adapted to your needs.

Held in the studio at The Barn KT9 on Rushett Farm, you’ll be building strength in a small group personal training setting with a mix of farm equipment, weights and bodyweight.

We’ll start off with a mobilising warm up and then move into a strength based class where you can take things whatever pace/intensity suits you.

UpLift is suitable for everyone, whether pregnant, postnatal or simply looking to work up a sweat.

If you’re recently postnatal, we strongly recommend starting with Postnatal UpLift on Tuesdays to rebuild your foundations and ensure your core and pelvic floor get the attention they deserve.

For more information around Covid-19, please see here


Prenatal Uplift

Wednesdays 6pm & Saturdays 10am

Prenatal Uplift is all about easing tension and strengthening your body, including those niggly areas such as hips and your back, to help with everything that your body throws at you with all the changes during pregnancy.

As well as building your strength to help you throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for life as a new mum, the class works on your core and pelvic floor.

Run by Pre & Postnatal Specialist Personal Trainer, Em, the class can be adapted for whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at.

*Please note this excludes, anyone who has been told by your health professional to abstain from exercise.*

For more information around classes and Covid-19, please see here


Postnatal UpLift

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Friday

Postnatal UpLift Mum & Baby fitness classes are about easing tension and strengthening your body to help with everything that life throws at you as a new mum, whilst boosting your mood.

We have two different classes depending on the stage you’re at.​

THE BEGINNING (6 week course): Is for anyone who is ready to return to exercise after having their baby. The focus is on rehab and rebuilding the core, the pelvic floor connection and foundations.

THE NEXT LEVEL: Is for anyone who has been exercising for at least 6 weeks. If you’ve been exercising for less than this time, we’d recommend THE BEGINNING to ensure your body gets the attention it deserves.

Exercising with a community of like-minded women, the 50 minute session will work on opening up tight areas and strengthening the weaker ones to leave you walking taller, feeling more energised and a little sweaty.

BYOB (that’s bring your own baby) as it’s hard enough finding time to work out with one, let alone finding time without them. They will also form part of the workout which should bring a smile to their face and yours!

Breastfeeding and changing of course welcome, though to get the best out of the class I recommend coming with a clean and well fed baby.

Please wear comfortable, supportive trainers.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you’ve had your 6 week check and have been signed off for exercise by your GP.

For more information around classes and Covid-19, please see here


“The barn KT9 is a slice of heaven within the m25. The Post Natal - The Beginning 6 week course was brilliant and I’m so glad I signed up! Such a great way to get back into exercise with the help of Gemma and Em who you can tell really know their stuff re. the body post pregnancy and birth. What’s more the gym is in an idyllic setting!”


“reintroduction to exercise was motivating and reassuring. Would definitely recommend for any pregnant or postnatal clients looking to start or recommence exercise safely.”


“Can't speak highly enough of everything on offer at the barn, especially the Post-Natal back to fitness 6-week course. LOVED IT! Being able to take the baby with us each week, and Em help look after them so our training wasn't cut short. The food, drink, walks and everything else on offer is brilliant. Love it there.”