Prenatal & Postnatal Personal Training

Trying for a baby?
Recently given birth?
These are all key moments where looking after ourselves is a priority (not that it shouldn't be anyway!).

Em is a pre & postnatal specialist personal trainer based in Epsom, Surrey.
She understands the changes and difficulties you may encounter and tailors her training so you can feel as great as possible at these big life stages.

Trying for a baby?

Have you spent your whole life until now trying to not get pregnant without realising how hard it is to get pregnant. 

It’s likely that in the lead up to your wedding you were probably on a strict diet or fitness regime. Maybe your periods have stopped and what you originally thought was healthy in fact really doesn’t seem so healthy anymore.

You might feel fairly happy with where you’re currently at, but you want to feel and look your best before you get pregnant as what lies beyond it is a mystery. 

The following is probably going through your mind...

  • “I don’t want to feel unhealthy when I get pregnant, as what happens if I can’t exercise?”
  • “How do I get my body ready for pregnancy? I’ve completely ruined it thanks to thinking health was how many calories I could burn and how little I could eat”
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“Emily is a great PT! Emily trained me through my pregnancy - sessions were always varied to keep things interesting and most importantly she listened to exactly what I was looking for with my training. Emily is a great person to train with and kept me motivated throughout and taught me some great techniques for training outside of her sessions too. I would highly recommend Emily!”

Suzanne Astridge

“Em is a fantastic personal trainer. My fitness has improved considerably since starting sessions with her. As someone who has never particularly enjoyed working out, I actually really enjoy the exercise sessions.”

Sarah Cope

“I would thoroughly recommend training with Emily - she is an excellent PT. I've been working with her for almost a year both during and post pregnancy. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I've always felt safe and confident whilst training with her, which was particularly important to me during pregnancy. I always find her sessions varied and enjoyable. Emily definitely motivates you to work hard!”

Melissa Robinson
Prenatal Personal Trainer Surrey


It’s finally happened. The stick has spoken, you’ve made it through the first trimester and now you feel a bit shit.

Hormones have been all over the place; you’re exhausted as your body changes; your healthy eating regime you’d gotten into the swing of has turned into eating what you can stomach.

Crackers anyone?

In short, you no longer feel yourself and feel a bit meh as a result.

Now you’re in the “magical” trimester, it’s time to take back control but you’re asking yourself where to begin as pregnancy exercise classes are few and far between. Also, will the workouts on Instagram work for you?

You understand about changing your view on training, but you find it’s a toss between either training too much to keep control over your changing body, or too scared to walk up stairs for fear of doing it wrong and causing harm.

You’ve probably got the following thoughts

  • “How do I exercise effectively but in a way that doesn’t harm my baby”
  • “I feel so down as I’m constantly tired and want to feel myself again as I feel all over the place”

Working with me, I will show you how to stay fit, active and healthy in a safe way throughout your pregnancy.

Let's talk exercise in pregnancy

Why should you train during your pregnancy?

We will focus on helping you stay strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy; helping you create a body to support your growing bump and changing shape, plus stay connected with your core and pelvic floor.

Just to list out some of the benefits...

  • Relieving any muscular and/or joint soreness from your body changing shape
  • Improving body mechanics and helping with posture
  • Reduction of swelling and improved circulation
  • Prevention of gestational diabetes
  • Stronger body for less complicated labour
  • Eased postpartum recovery
  • Strengthening and maintaining a connection with your core

Before training you will receive a full complimentary screening to assess your physical fitness and strength as well as lifestyle habits to help understand what your body needs, and to help you work with your changing body over the coming months.

Post Natal Personal Trainer Surrey

Just had a Baby?

Firstly, congratulations!

Those 9 months are over and you can’t wait to get back into moving.

However, come the 6 week mark, you’ve got a baby what feels like permanently attached to your breast and can’t find a spare 10 minutes to wash your hair, let alone workout.

As you look in the mirror, you may wonder why your body hasn’t “bounced back” now the baby is in your arms – that’s how the celebrities look so surely that’s normal?!

In short, you don’t look like yourself. You’re keen to get back to exercise and may think that it’s a quick fix.

However, do you know about pelvic floor health, women’s health physios or the damage of training too intensely too soon?

Your local gym probably doesn’t have a creche and you can’t help but think wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could bring your baby along.

With motherhood comes all sorts of thoughts like…

  • “How on earth can I fit it all in around this new life?”
  • “Will I ever not have to worry about leaking?”
  • “Will my diastasis recti ever go? How do I get rid of mummy tummy?”

Although your priority is now your baby, my priority is to look after you.

I’ll assess your body post pregnancy and together we’ll work through a bespoke programme to reconnect you with your pelvic floor, build a strong foundation to get you back up and running and feeling better than your pre-pregnancy self.

Get in touch about Postnatal Personal Training

Sessions in my private studio at The Barn KT9, near Epsom.

Don’t worry if childcare is a problem, as I’m on hand to entertain your baby during the session so you can focus on yourself.

For more information on how to get back into training post birth, click here.

As well as creating bespoke programmes to work around you and get you back to yourself, I also work closely with some brilliant women’s health physios to ensure the training is aligned with exactly what your body needs.

Please feel free to put me in touch with yours or I can recommend someone.

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