Bride To Be


He’s just put a ring on it and suddenly you’re seeing bridal diets everywhere.

Is the wedding dress shop asking you about how much weight you’re going to lose in the lead up to your big day before you’ve even tried on a dress?

Is everything making you question how you look?

Have you now lost your confidence and see flaws in yourself thanks to the idea of a wedding even though you’ll be surrounded by people who know you for who you are.

You’re probably here because you think you need a PT to look your best.

But what about feeling your best too?

Planning a wedding is stressful. Juggling your job and trying to fit in looking after yourself too, even more so!

Let’s make sure that doesn’t take a backseat and lose sight of that.

Currently you’re probably thinking the following:

“I won’t look good on my wedding day and the photos will be ruined”

“I won’t fit into my dress”

“I’ll feel self conscious all day as I’m not great at being centre of attention”

I totally get you. I had exactly the same

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Wedding Diet

I’d spent a good 12 months freaking out how I’d never look good enough on my wedding day and it was putting me off the idea of getting married. 

How I looked was stopping me from marrying the love of my life. Utter madness!

I enlisted the help of an online nutritionist for fat loss and it helped to have the accountability and I made so much progress, but at the same time, I couldn’t see the progress myself. 

Looking back it’s crazy but at the time all I could think was I’ll never be good enough.

A month before the wedding, I had my “fuck it moment”. I was tired of trying to get to this fairytale vision of who I thought I should be. I decided it was time to just enjoy the final lead up to the wedding and focus on being me as after all, that was who Charlie was marrying and who everyone was turning up to see.

After working with online nutrition I learned that fuelling my body correctly helps a ton, but also that weight is dependent on stress, too much exercise, time of the month and then about a million other factors. At the end of the day you need to live a life you enjoy, but try and live a healthy one at the same time because you’ve only got one body so you need to take care of it every step of the way.

I’ve been there. 

And I can be there for you too, to help you be your best on your big day. 

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“Couldn’t recommend Emily as a PT highly enough. When I started with her I absolutely hated exercise. She builds your confidence up and makes you realise how capable you are. She knows just how much to push and challenge you, and will literally do it with you when it gets tough!! Emily has made exercise really fun for me, not something I thought I would ever say!”

Jennifer Shuker

“Emily is an incredible PT! She takes the time to understand your goals and puts together varied, well thought out sessions to help you achieve them. She’s great at motivating and encouraging you on those days when you would rather just have a few extra hours in bed - you leave sessions feeling positive and energised!”

Nicole Eminian Freeman