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Finding out we were having twins...

I wanted to write this post as I found it a really overwhelming time when we found out we were having twins. 

Talking to people helped massively and knowing others’ stories was a huge reassurance. 

In July, we booked into Window to the Womb for a reassurance scan. I was just under 7 weeks and feeling pretty horrendous, a lot worse than with Olive’s pregnancy (unless my brain has blocked that out).

The sonographer was quiet for what felt like ages.
All I could think of was the worst.
He then asked if we wanted to see our babies.
Cue a lot of swearing, laughing and crying and the rest.

I’m guessing no one is ever really expecting twins, but this was a HUGE shock for us.

We went to pick Olive up from nursery straight afterwards in silence.
We didn’t really give ourselves time to process it.

To tell the truth, the few weeks that followed felt a bit dark.
I’d been down a Google hole and saw that 36% of twin pregnancies result in disappearing twin syndrome before 12 weeks.
Was I preparing for 1, 2 or 0 babies?
Twin pregnancies are higher risk.
I’ve also got PCOS as well which puts me at higher risk for other complications too (it turns out that PCOS was what gave me twins in the first place too!)
Working with pre and postnatal women, I was also conscious of how hard this pregnancy would be physically on my body.
How would the rehab be on the other side?
Also, I’m not about aesthetics, but I couldn’t help but think about how my body would look and feel on the other side.
It’s one thing having a postpartum journey from one baby, but two at the same time?

All the emotions were coming up.

Alongside this, there was how on earth were we going to afford three kids, when we were on the fence about having two?
The childcare given it’s very much a juggle with Olive.

Then there was the practical things like, they’ll need another bedroom.
We’ll probably need to get another bathroom.
What about the car?
How will we be able to give Olive enough attention when the ratio will be 3:2?

I’m now 17 weeks in, and they’re very much still there: one always partying and one either eating or sleeping.
Anxieties aside, we’re incredibly lucky to be in the situation where we’re having twins.
1 in every 65 pregnancies are multiples in the UK.
That’s kind of special.
And I feel that these guys will be kind of special.

On that note, although it’s still early days, my DMs are open if you want to talk


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