flying with a toddler

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail springs to mind!
That said, you could be one of the lucky ones and have a dream flight with a nap.

Firstly, before you head to the flight, make sure they’re well fed and then hit the kids play area as your final destination after everything else fails to really tire them out!

Here's a list of what we found helpful

  • A giant muslin – this was almost like a light blanket for the sleep Olive never had, plus it’s handy for spillages
  • Spare clothes (for you and little one) as a flight with them on your lap means more chance of getting covered in snot/food/everything else. Plus, put them in an easily accessible outfit as those plane loos are a tight enough squeeze without having to fold down a changing table.
  • A comforter/teddy (anything to help make them sleep!)
  • All the snacks! Seriously though, you can never have too many snacks!
  • Something liquid or to munch on for ear popping on take off, you’re not guaranteed that they’ll want a sip of water so make sure you’ve got something thats guaranteed to be eaten (yoghurt or smoothie pouch is a great shout)
  • A full sippy cup/bottle of water (plus extra water as Olive drank a lot of water)
  • Toys. such as small figurines, reusable sticker book, books, Crayola mess free colouring in pens, a phone/tablet with all the usual shows downloaded. KeepĀ snacks and plane toys/entertainment in two separate mini bags that are easily accessible so you have them for take off. A lot of people suggested having new toys or toys that haven’t been played with all week for the return journey to provide fresh entertainment.
  • A Baby Zen Yoyo stroller. We borrowed one from a friend and it was a lifesaver! We could take it right onto the plane which made the long walk through the airport after landing a tad easier.
  • Nappy bag with wipes and all.

Finally, don’t panic! Toddlers can sense the fear šŸ¤£. In all seriousness though, there’s only so much you can do.


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