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Stay On Point This Winter

By December 30, 2016 No Comments

Darker mornings, cold and miserable weather and even darker evenings there’s little wonder why anyone wants to do anything other than spend their evenings catching up on Planet Earth or the latest Netflix binge.

Yes, it’s hard to face but a few minutes into it you’ll feel all the more better for it.

Here are a few tips to keep on moving through the Winter.

  1. Get a workout buddy – Working out is so much easier with a friend as you can keep each other going. It’s also likely that at least one of you will have energy to work out, so through joining forces you’ll always be motivator or motivated.
  2. Do something fun/different – Exercise shouldn’t be about being shouted at in some pain cave, where you can’t tell the difference between tears of fear or sweat pouring down your face. Exercise can actually be fun! Why not try a new class out of interest with so many free trials or introductory offers. How about KOBOX if you’ve had a horrible day at work or one of the many classes at Frame with soundtracks that you can’t help but move to. Core CollectiveBarry’s Bootcamp and Ride Republic are some of my tried favourites although there are so many more out there.
  3. Tomorrow’s another day – Treat every day as if it’s a new one. So if you had a bad day, just get back on it tomorrow. Lay your gym kit out on the floor so you can grab those extra few minutes in bed, knowing full well you don’t have to dig out yesterday’s sports bra…
  4. Treat yourself! – With all the sales on at the moment, it’s the perfect time for more kit. Some great selections of decent quality are FasherciseActive In Style and Sweaty Betty. New leggings always make me want to show them off. And yes, you can wear them on your weekend coffee date, but there’s only so long you can go without wanting to put them into action…surely.
  5. Roll with it – It’s not always about moving a million miles an hour. Sometimes it’s better to roll it out so that next time you can train harder with a greater range of motion. What’s more, with foam rollers being portable you can easily do this in front of the TV.
  6. Take it inside – Finally if the idea of heading out into the cold/darkness/rain/wind is what’s putting you off, you can always take your workout inside. Here’s a quick cardio 20 minute workout where the only thing you’ll need is your body (and maybe some music)

    3 rounds increasing by 10 seconds on each round – 30, 40 & 50 seconds

    • Mountain climbers 
    • Pulse squats
    • Press up and shoulder tap
    • Modified burpee into a squat
    • Plank jacks
    • Wall sit

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