What to pack in your hospital bag

Although I’m one of those people who packs their suitcase a month before going on holiday, I’m not going to lie, this was the hardest task for me by far! I had a list from day one of what to go in the bag, but actually pulling it all together? 

I’ve actually still not done it all writing this blog post and I’m 37+4 days pregnant!

Fingers crossed, writing this post will make me finally put those last bits in!

When packing your hospital bag, there are 3 people you need to think about:

  • You
  • Your birth partner (although let them think about this one!)
  • Your new baby!

Let’s start with you!

They say to have a main bag with all your stuff and then a post birth bag for everything you’ll want once the main event is over.

The Labour Bag

  • First up, snacks! Very important,
  • Isotonic sports drink
  • Water bottle with a straw: because drinking out of a glass isn’t the one if you’re in the midst of labour. I bought this one.
  • Hospital Notes
  • Pillow: the hospital ones don’t leave much to be desired so bring your own if you can
  • Eye Mask: helps you catch some extra Zzz. I’ve also bought Space Masks as a treat as they’re meant to be pretty relaxing
  • Headphones: whether that’s to listen to your birth playlist, zone out to an audiobook or listen to your hypnobirthing, headphones are great for adding to “your space”
  • Chargers: a long one or even a portable one as who knows where the plug will be!
  • Nightie: either button down or strappy for breastfeeding access if you’re planning on doing so. Also, opt for a nightie over PJs as you probably won’t want anything covering “down there”.
  • Flip Flops: easy to slip on and the bathrooms/toilet floors aren’t always that pleasant
  • Water spray
  • Flannels x 3: for forehead, bits and face
  • Hair bands
  • Dressing Gown: nothing too fancy as you don’t want anything nice getting ruined. Also, keep it lightweight as hospital wards are warm!
  • The rest of the maternity pads and pants you didn’t pack in your post birth bag

The Post Birth Bag

This is everything you’ll need for when the birth is over and for that first trip to the loo so you can grab and go. Obviously this can be packed in the same bag, but it’s handy to have all in one separate bag you can lift out without having to faff.

  • Change of clothes – more on what you should be wearing according to my instagram followers here.
  • Nipple cream and nipple pads
  • Towel – the ones in hospital are small and often it’s nice to bring your own for the post birth shower
  • Washbag – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, moisturiser, deodorant, Spritz for Bits, arnica for bruising, toilet wipes (softer than the hospital loo roll!) and maybe make up
  • A Few Maternity Pads – they say you need these as well as incontinence knickers as the bleeding can be pretty heavy initially. I’ve bought Boots ones however, a lot of people have recommended Natracare as they are super soft and gentle so they won’t irritate your already irritated bits!
  • Disposable knickers (I bought the TENA Silhouette ones) or pair of big pants that are high waisted to go not be on any areas in case of c section (I bought these ones from M&S and went up 3 sizes)
  • Peppermint tea bags – in case you have a c section to help ease the trapped wind from the operation

Your Birth Partner’s Bag

  • Headphone – in case they need to zone out too
  • Wash bag 
  • Change of clothes – so many stories of mums throwing up on their partners during labour!
  • Chargers – maybe even an extension lead?
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks –  although word of advice, your birth partner won’t get fed if you end up staying in, so worthwhile them getting some actual food as well as snacks
  • Camera – if you fancy capturing the whole experience on something other than a phone

And last but certainly not least! Your Baby’s Bag

  • Baby changing bag which should fit everything in – I decided to treat myself to a Tiba + Marl bag (they often do discounts too so keep an eye out if you’re after one!)
  • Coming home outfit – depending on the time of year
  • Hat
  • Car seat – you can’t leave hospital without one of these so make sure you’re familiar with it
  • Blanket
  • Water wipes / Cotton wool
  • 5 muslins
  • 5 baby outfits – you never know how long you’ll be in for, plus they can be sick and poo a lot!

A lot of people say they never get round to eating the snacks or half the stuff but always good to pack enough. However, remember, your birth parter can always pop out or nip home to pick up any extra supplies (some people also recommend having an extra bag of extras at home in case you’re in for a while – or you could just send this blog post to your birth partner so they know exactly what you’ll need!)




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