A List of Things You Need When Having a Baby

The other day I decided to get Googling around what we need to get for a baby.

Bad idea!

There is a crazy amount of stuff, plus you don’t know what budgets people are working to so often you may end up spending a fortune on things you really don’t need…

Before we continue, baby stuff can be pretty expensive and it’s not used for that long, so second hand is a good way to go, obviously just buy a new mattress for cots/moses baskets etc. Places like Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace (especially the mum Facebook groups in your area!).

Also, John Lewis do a nursery list service (like their wedding list) where they go through everything with you and give you a list of things to share with friends/family, although most people just keep it for their own reference!

I’m still 20 weeks away from having a baby so this list is no way based on my own experience (although I may add to it once the time comes).

This list is from friends, clients and my community on instagram on what they’ve found useful, how they feel about certain brands/products and the lists and advice that have been passed on to them from friends and beyond.

The Must-Haves


If you want to look into anything sleep-related, for all legalities and recommendations on products, The Lullaby Trust is the official body for all you need to know.

  • The SleepyheadThe love for this product is unreal! When I mentioned it on Instagram, everyone said that it was their must-have and I need to get one! Mainly because newborns like to be cosy, they’re not in a cot until around 6 months and most newborns tend to be pretty content in these.
    • Prices are from £137-£164 but it’s money well spent. If anyone’s asking, my favourite is the Bananas For You print (as Charlie can’t stand leopard print!).
  • Moses Basket, Stand + Mattress – In the early days, this and the Sleepyhead is all the baby really needs. You can find these everywhere and anywhere. We bought ours off Gumtree given babies grow out of them fairly fast. Don’t forget the bedding that goes in them!
  • Chico Next To Me – It attaches to the bed and you can have your baby right next to you, which means you can roll over and check on them without having to get up! That said, a lot of people prefer the SnuzPod as it’s less ugly and you can put it on an incline if your baby has reflux. Tutti Bambini Cozee is also popular as it’s that bit bigger so it lasts that bit longer!
  • Ewan the Sheep – Another product that most mums said they swore by!
  • Cot bed, Mattress & Protectors – This will last you until 3-4 years old, rather than a cot which they’ll soon grow out of. Not necessary to get one straightaway as they only go into the cot from around 6 months. Again, pick up one from Gumtree or eBay and give it a lick of paint and a brand new mattress.
  • Baby Bouncer Chair – the only one I can think of is the iconic Baby Bjorn. Someone recommended having two so you don’t have to lug it around and have one in the bathroom so you can shower and go to the loo without having your hands full!
    • Price: from £144.99
  • Room Thermometer – We bought The Gro Egg Colour changing thermometer from Amazon
    • Price: £22.99
  • Cellular Blanket x 2 – You can get these anywhere!
  • Swaddle Wraps or Bags – You can get gro bags which grow with your baby (although they recommend you use these from 3 months or so once the neck fits snugly over them so there’s no risk of suffocating). These are less hassle than swaddling. I’ve also heard some mums say that if your baby likes to be tightly swaddled, when it comes to moving them on or if the swaddle isn’t tight enough it can often mean the baby wakes up more – but then again, every baby is different and like different things. Baby MORI sleeping bags are a firm favourite with a lot of you, especially their newborn swaddle bag and 2.5 tog sleep bag.
  • A Baby Gym – Naturally being a PT, the baby will need a gym… We’ve got our eye on the Skip Hop Baby Gyms, probably a farm themed one being where we are!
  • Headphones – these are for you so you can watch Netflix in those night feeds without having to wake anyone else (although you’ll probably be wanting to…)
  • Night Light – Always handy for all hours of the night you’ll be up and about!
  • Video Monitor – A lot of people swear by the BT baby monitor 6000 as it works, whereas a fair few have issues with WiFi. We’re currently looking at the Kodak Smart C525 as a lot of our friends recommend this one.
    • Price:
      • BT 6000 – £129.99
      • Kodak Smart C525 – £149.99

Strollers and Out & About

Baby carriers/slings tend to be a pretty handy thing to have around, as it means you can leave the house without a stroller and that close contact means your little one will happily drift off, giving you some peace and quiet.

This is one I’ve had a lot of experience carrying babies in while their mums work out in PT sessions. My favourite has to be the Baby Bjorn. The Ergo Carrier is highly rated but I didn’t find it felt as comfortable or secure as Baby Bjorn.

    • Price:
      • Baby Bjorn: from £84.99
      • Ergo – from £79.90

Bundlebean Elephant Carrier Cover Apparently not a main must-have but very handy if you’re using a carrier

Onto Strollers

One thing people have said about these, is that look for one that can bolt on an extra bit for 2 little ones if you’re thinking about having another baby.

  • BabyZen YoYo – If you’re city-based, hello lugging a pram around on the tube…, apparently this is the stroller for you! It’s super compact, undoes with one hand and even folds up to be able to be worn over the shoulder!
    • Price from around £300.00
  • iCandy Peach – Similar to the BabyZen YoYo, this stroller has the one handed fold, can be worn over the shoulder and has all sorts of attachments. They also have an all terrain option that I’m looking at for walks around the farm!
    • Price from around £999
  • Bugaboo Fox – This brand is one I feel everyone has heard of. It seems to be the one most influencers go for (either Bugaboo have a great PR team or it’s just very popular). Apparently able to handle all terrains, it’s strong yet light. The guy in John Lewis did say he wasn’t a fan of the folding mechanism
    • Price from £1,029.00
  • Uppababy Vista – Not much to report on this one, just that a lot of people have also recommended it.
    • Price: from around £699.00
  • Ark – New to the market, this one popped up on our stroller exploring trip. It’s got honeycomb wheels for uneven terrain, a waterproof carrier pocket, the covers are all machine washable plus it has vents to help with temperature. regulation. In short it’s been very well thought out!
    • Price: from around £800
  • Car MirrorYou can get these almost anywhere!

Bath & Changing

  • Baby Bath
  • Towels / Flannels + Hooded Bath Towel
  • Changing Table & Tray Table wise, we’re upcycling an old chest of drawers and popping a changing tray on top.
  • Changing MatAlways good to make sure it’s wipeable as things can get messy! I’ve bought mine from MamaShack, however two other companies I love are Minimaison and Mabel & Fox
  • Changing Bag I’ve had my eye on a Tiba + Marl bag for a while! Obviously it’s a bit pricier than your average changing bag but they are so beautiful and can pass off as a normal rucksack so it’ll last way longer than a nappy chaning bag  (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!).
    • Price £140
  • Portable Changing Mat – They’re included in the Tiba + Marl bag so what more of an excuse do you need!?
  • Nappies, Nappy Caddy + Nappy Bin – Nappy Bin wise, everyone has recommended the Tommy Tippee Twist + Click as it holds the smell! We bought ours when there was 20% off but they’re usually £33 from their website.
  • Water Wipes, Sudocreme, Baby Lotion, Baby Healthcare kit, Bepanthen, Yellow Metanium, Hand Steriliser, Nappy Rash Cream
  • Nail Scissors / Nail File, Cotton Wool, Cotton Wool Buds (for the umbilical cord)– Nail wise, apparently cutting your baby’s nails can be a bit daunting so I’ve read that the Thumble nail file from Jojo Maman Bebe is a god send.


  • Steam Steriliser
  • MAM Newborn Bottles – These seem to be the ones everyone uses. Also, top tip from one of my clients. Buy loads so you don’t spend your life sterilising them every time you need them throughout the day!
  • Breast Pump This is a tricky one as it varies from person to person. Elvie’s pump is very popular as it just slots into your bra with no need for tubes, nois etc. There are a few people who don’t like it and say it leaks. Apparently they find it’s down to breast size. If your boobs are slightly bigger, opt for the Medela Swing pump.
    • Price: Elvie £249
    • Price Medela £250
  • Haakaa Breast Pump – I actually got given one of these by a friend as it’s great for catching the breast milk from the other side when feeding, so it’s not wasted.
  • Nursing Bra Hot Milk lingerie is a brand that comes up time and time again if you want something that bit nicer than your usual H&M or M&S nursing bra.
  • Reusable Breast Pads
  • Lasinoh Nipple Cream – THIS IS A MUST HAVE!
  • Breastfeeding Pillow I’ve been using the BB Hug Me pillow throughout pregnancy for sleeping (yes, I 100% reckon it’s worth it as it’s so supportive!) and the best thing is you can also use it as a breastfeeding pillow once the baby is here! (Someone also suggested it’s great if you’ve had stitches as you can loop it into a doughnut pillow to sit on).
  • Milk Storage Containers
  • Bibs
  • Muslins (get plenty of these!) – They say 1-2 large muslins, 8 small and then 1 giant muslin. People recommend getting both small ones and large ones as the large ones can double up as a light blanket. You can get these anywhere and everywhere but if you’re after interesting looking muslins, Aden and Anais and Etta Loves are adorable!


  • Vests
  • Sleep Suits – get 10 of these
  • Cardigans – 2 of these
  • Hat – 1 or 2 of these
  • Body Suits – get 10 of these. Wondersuits by Bonds have been recommended a fair few times, but also there are so many independent brands out there with stunning designs! I’m loving House of Margaux, Ando Stores, Eddie & XXXX
  • Baby Going Home Outfit – obviously important for that leaving the hospital instagram shot
  • Coat Hangers

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