The Barn KT9 – Part III

In the last post, I spoke about what was my initial idea…

After talking with my business coach, Becki, we spoke about a members’ club vibe with a monthly membership, weekly classes and a grand opening. 

It suddenly felt rather overwhelming.

Finances, loans, how on earth I’d make it all back and there’s how I’d even get some funding in the first place!

My issue is I’m one to think about the bigger picture, the end result and get a bit stuck on how I’m going to get there “now” and with it come a load more ideas of things I could do and I end up wanting to do them all.

Instead I should be focusing on the smaller steps.

As such, we decided to start small, an easy way in.

Mainly because if I were to get investors, the likelihood is The Barn KT9 would never fully be mine, or grow organically into what it was meant to become.

That said, at this point I still wanted a space where mums come first as they often put themselves to the bottom of the to do list.

I wanted to change that, for them to make time for themselves, to put themselves first.

The studio would run so that everything would be easily accessible to a mum: the times of classes, being able to bring little ones, chill out and coffee space to build a supportive community of like minded women. We’d offer workshops and talks as well as classes, 1:1 personal training and therapy/treatment rooms on site.

Wellness is 360 after all (and that includes getting your nails done!).

Keen to get the ball rolling, I decided I needed to start looking at architects. After putting a note out on instagram, the lovely Catri Barrett mentioned that her other half was one as part of a company called NINN. We met them, talked through our ideas and they showed us a top line of what we could do with the 100m2 and that a good starting point was £1000/m2.


I figured £40k would be a good starting point but that was my finger in the air, and the wind was definitely blowing the wrong direction when I came up with that!

In short, what was initially a dream was fast becoming a nightmare!

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