The Barn KT9 – Part II


Last week, I spoke about what made me move to a farm in Epsom, Surrey.

After the excitement of ideas subsided, the idea of where on earth to start was pretty daunting.

Overwhelmed with the idea of moving business, without a fixed moving date (that kept moving!), without a clue on where to begin with all the ideas that were popping into my head and without a real sense of my business, I decided to sign up to 1:1 business coaching with Becki Rabin.

Best decision I ever made.

In short, I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now in terms of seeing my work as a business, ideas to scale up and the way I operate things (that’s a story for another day)

After looking at my work and pinning down my niche, the initial plan for my Surrey studio, The Barn KT9, began to unfold.

I can probably now write all my ideas down for everyone to read as currently it’s not feasible, but maybe one day it could become something bigger like this. Who knows…

The idea was:

A space mainly focused on women’s health, where mums in particular can bring their babies to train.
They’d be able to leave their babies in a creche while they do a class, catch up over coffee, get physio treatment and even a blow dry or manicure thanks to treatment rooms on site.
The aim was to build a community as motherhood can be lonely, especially if you’ve moved out from London to the “burbs”, which a lot of people will do round here.

So, that was the initial dream idea and one I stuck to for a while. 

Who knows, it may become that one day, however things soon changed!


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