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Quite often you’ll see me mention The Barn KT9 on instagram. I figured it was about time I started to post more about it so you can see the journey. 

First things first, let’s start from the beginning.

About 18 months ago, Charlie (my husband) mentioned that his dad had been speaking to him about his grandparents house. They sadly passed away earlier that year and the year before and their house was left empty. They were the main tenant farmers of the family farm so they had to make a decision on whether someone in the family could take over the farm and house, or if it would go to completely new people.

It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about (I always thought I’d one day move home to Norfolk) and it was a big life change from our London flat with a small garden, to a farmhouse with a slightly bigger one…

Naturally we ummmed and ahhhed. And thought about all the different opportunities taking over the farm would give us. We didn’t want to solely farm as it’s tough breaking even and won’t improve once Brexit takes hold, so we were thinking about storage, a gym and whatever else we could.

So in October 2018, we looked around the house and decided we’d never get an opportunity like it again. It was an opportunity people could only dream of. We’d never own the farm but the lifestyle would be incredible.

This blog post is more on the business side of things, if you want to follow the renovation of the farmhouse there’s more on our instagram account.

If I was going to be a personal trainer in Surrey, I might as well set up my own studio as I had the space was my first thought. There was a barn ready to go.

Well, I say ready to go…

It was a sturdy old cow barn that had walls, a door and a non-leaking roof. 

It didn’t mean that there wasn’t much to do to it…


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