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Rumble at 1Rebel

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As part of our ongoing mission, Hannah  and I have been checking out new and old studios in London to give you folks a review of what to expect.

A few weeks ago was the turn of Rumble at 1Rebel Broadgate Circle as it made perfect sense given I had a client session all of 3 minutes walk away at Elevate LDN.

If you’re following anyone on Instagram who loves a post workout selfie, you’ve probably seen or have heard of 1Rebel. Calling itself the King of Gyms is quite a claim so we were keen to see if we could judge a book by it’s shiny copper-toned cover.

However, the set up is not only beautiful for the ‘gram, but has everything you could possibly need, even cleanser and toner nestled in the most beautifully lit vanity area (yep, even managed to make me look good!). My favourite “addition” were the ice cold scented towels in the fridge, ready for taking into the class or to help that post workout cool down.

Something that I’m almost always in need of…

Anyway, enough of the looks and more about the sweaty business (as that’s what we’re all about, right?)

The workout
Friday 830am Rumble

What? A cardio class involving punch bag drills and floor work for 45 mins. Each given your own bag that you’ll lay into for the whole of the class.

Value – 7/10 Standard London class pricing of £20 but had to pay £3 to buy wraps (which I don’t mind) but then it was a further £1 to rent the stinkiest gloves known to man. I get the vibe that the level of instructors here is high, as she knew her stuff and had good energy that motivated us through the class. My only issue was there was no technique corrections given (and the class was only around 40% full).

Facilities – 9/10 It would be 10/10 if it wasn’t for the smelly gloves, as they literally had everything you could possibly need. Even a blow dry bar and a smoothie bar selling liquid protein dreams…

Sweat level – 6.5/10. We sweated but I was never gasping for air. Just struggled on the legs (but I think that’s due to teaching five spin classes in 3 days that week…)

Have you been to 1Rebel yet and tried Rumble? Or thoughts on the other classes?

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