Ride! Cobham

It’s another Surrey gym post!

Working my way round my new stomping ground, as being a personal trainer, fitness is an important part of my life.

I now have a lovely list of places to check out so stay tuned for more as I make my way round Surrey.

What is Ride, exactly?

I stumbled across Ride! when I was exploring the area towards the end of last year.

My husband is very familiar with Surrey having lived here all his life, whereas I’m very much new to the area so I insisted we take a tour around.

First stop was Cobham.

I was very surprised by the amount of studios in this town (can I call it that?).

You’ve got 225 Club, a boutique PT studio and gym, numerous pilates studios, yoga studios and then there’s Ride!

I was lucky enough to meet the founder, Lisa, who has been the driving force behind this studio since it opened 10-11 years ago. When she arrived there wasn’t a spin studio anywhere to be seen, let alone one that came up to her high standard being from across the pond.

Nestled just off the high street, this Cobham studio doesn’t look much from the outside, but step inside and they have a 26(?) bike strong studio filled with Keiser bikes and SPIVI technology, plus a TRX/Boxing studio where they also hold pilates and yoga classes and an EMS suite.

The Classes

  • Spinning: Club Ride!, Rhythm Ride!, Spivi Ride!, Resilience Ride!, Endurance Ride!, Power Ride!
  • EMS
  • Burn
  • Body Sculpt
  • Circuits, HiiT Circuits
  • ROX (Ride & Box)
  • Fit2Fight
  • Yoga: Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga
  • TRX: Hiit TRX, Total TRX, FitFlow-45, BarreX

So far, I’ve tried two of their spin classes.

(I’ve got to get my fix somehow + I don’t think there’s anywhere better in Surrey!)

Performance Ride

Both times I’ve been, it’s been a Sunday morning with Rachel. She’s got a dedicated class of regulars who know exactly what’s in store and come back time and time again. She is positive and motivational without being cheesy which can make anyone smile through her pretty hardcore performance rides. Although I’m sad to say, the last class I went to was her last before her maternity but stay up to date with her here.

Resilience Ride!

This class is 60 minutes instead of 45 and involves more rhythm style riding alongside performance (that means expect tap backs, dips, press ups etc too). This Saturday morning class with Nicole was upbeat in terms of music and the ride. There’s everything in this lady’s class from Club Classics to a bit of ABBA, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.

Where is it?

22B High St, Cobham KT11 3EB

Just off the high street, keep your eyes peeled for a large Ride! mural

My Review

  • Sweat Level: 10/10. Obviously based on the spin classes, especially when there’s an FTP or two thrown into the mix. The use of the stats means you either get competitive with yourself or everyone else in the class (or maybe that’s just me…?)
  • Value: 9/10. You’ve got an intro offer of 3 classes for £25 which is brilliant. From there it’s £15 for a drop in or various price packs for classes and a monthly unlimited membership at £155 which is the usual for boutique studios these days.
  • Facilities: 8.5/10. The trainers are brilliant in terms of their knowledge, personality, welcoming nature and approach. Ride! seems to offer a whole range of classes across their 3 studios and the equipment is decent. The only thing is they don’t have showers (I found out the hard way when I was planning to go from the class to teaching PT in Wandsworth…)

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