Although exercising during pregnancy is becoming more widely spoken about and encouraged, there are still a few people who believe in nothing but putting your feet up for 9 months while eating for two.

Before I continue, every pregnancy is different, so your approach to training will be personal.

There is no right or wrong.

There are countless health and physical benefits to training which I’ve listed under the Pre & Post Natal Training of my website, however, here are a few reasons why it’s worth getting a good routine.

Exercising During PregnancyFeel More Energetic and Full of Life

With the hormonal changes of the first trimester, it’s likely you’ll be feeling pretty rubbish; eating what you can stomach, tired of being tired and you can’t complain about it openly, as most people wait until the 14 week scan before breaking the news.

Exercising will help boost your energy levels by boosting cardiovascular system, making you stronger to deal with pregnancy. It can ease symptoms such as nausea and help you sleep at night to help make the first trimester slightly more manageable. Plus, by having a PT you’ll need to tell them your amazing news which also gives you an outlet to talk about the ins and outs of how you’re feeling!

Find What’s Right For You

Every person and pregnancy is different.

So when you Google “Exercise During Pregnancy” there’s too much choice and it’s hard to know where to start. I may be biased but it’s better to seek advice from a professional, even if for a just sessions to point you in the right direction, to show you what you can do helps you reach those limits in a safe but effective manner. They also provide a great support throughout the coming months.

A few great accounts on Instagram are Bumps & Burpees and Get Mom Strong (although often the latter is more appropriate for post natal).

It Changes Your Life and Lifestyle

Too many glasses of wine after work and a vat of coffee the next day to get you through work are no longer on the agenda. Not much can change that I’m afraid, but see it as an excuse for a lifestyle refresh.

Now you’re pregnant, your diet becomes about nourishing your growing baby and exercise goals become about building a strong body to support the bump, to reduce the aches and pains that can come with the changes over the next 9 months. As well as get the body ready for labour.

Rest Up & Take Time Out For Yourself

Use this as a time to mix up your training. Rest has always been part of the process, as it helps regulate your body’s stress, as well as repair and recover. Now is the perfect time to explore restorative exercises such as yoga, as it encourages you to slow down and be aware of what’s happening on the inside.

Also, there’s a chance you’ll be spending less when socialising so why not put that towards treatments or something that makes yourself feel good.

Feel More Yourself

The weights you lifted pre-pregnancy become long term goals for post pregnancy, your favourite pair of jeans get packed away and emotions can run wild. In short, you may feel a bit different from “pre pregnancy you”.

Yes, things will be different, but keep to your routine for some consistency. You’ll be surprised at how resilient the female body is when it come to exercise. There may be a few elements you’ll need to adapt over time, however by keeping up with what you enjoy will help you adapt as your body changes.

New Life Phase – New Identity

Although the previous point is about staying connected with yourself, you also need to be ready to embrace change. With a growing baby comes a growing body and changes you can’t control. It can be quite daunting for some, as you don’t know how your body is going to evolve, how you’re going to feel and the rest.

Learning to adapt exercises, your lifestyle and being more in tune with yourself will help you with the changes that pregnancy brings. Also, by understanding how the body works and appreciating it for what it can do and is about to do, will help ready you for the journey post-birth. After all, it takes you 9 months to get to the birth, so it will take time to do the reverse.



If you are looking for personal training or advice on how to train during or after your pregnancy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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