Is it wrong to say I’m enjoying the positives of isolation?

Initially, I was a tad overwhelmed.

I’m self-employed and work as a PT that does 1:1 sessions in person.


(I’m also a Ltd company so currently the government isn’t helping either on that front).

This isn’t a pity me story, I’m well aware there’s a lot worse going on out there and I’m happy doing my part staying at home.

I just wanted to write down the positives of the situation for me personally as it’s what keeps me going.

Yes, we’re allowed to have down days, it’s human nature (and trust me, I have my fair share) but I’m times like this, I’ve learned that focusing on what the situation has given you rather than what it’s taken away is the way forward.


Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Health is Wealth – Right now, the situation is encouraging a lot of people to focus on health and although the wellness industry has been quite affected by Covid-19, it’s never been more needed. Seeing studios, instructors, PTs and the rest adapt and create ways of bringing the gym to you at home is brilliant. Also, the fact the Government is keen to give us a daily outing for exercise only goes to show how important it is to focus on our health (and long may it continue!)
  • Sleeping Beauty – Every PT will agree with me on this one (unless you’re still doing super early doors), not having to wake up at 5am is a very welcome change! 8 hours a night is my current vibe and I’m feeling great for it.
  • A Pinch of Om – Not being able to go to my weekly yoga classes has meant I’m actually taking time out to work on it at home with the help of @fiit.
  • Familiar Faces – I’m making more of an effort to catch up with friends and family, to see how they are and seeing their faces on my screen brightens my day.
  • Clients – I’m grateful to have time everyday where I’m spending an hour on Zoom with someone outside of these four walls. Going online has also meant I can teach old clients that I couldn’t because of distance.
  • Home Sense – Spending more (all the) time at @wood_hall is really wonderful. We’ve spent a while renovating this space and eased off but now we’re here, we can work on more bits that need doing without it feeling like a chore. Plus, I feel much more settled.
  • Beauty Restore – I’ve taken baths, fake tanned, hair masked, face masked, painted nails and pretty much everything else. Who knows, I might emerge from this looking brand new.
  • Out & About – A daily walk or run has become part of my routine and it feels so good to get out
  • Time to Learn – now my commute consists of going to the living room, it means I’ve got a load more time on my hands to work on the business and learning, as well as giving myself more time to do other bits around the house on weekends.
  • Et Voila! – It’s made me see cooking as less of a chore and it’s brilliant! Batch cooking staple meals to heat up when home from work is now so 2 weeks ago. Now I’m finding the time to cook, bake and create new meal ideas when the fridge is looking more empty.
  • Appreciation for the Future – They say you don’t realise what you have until it’s gone. It’s so true. All the small things, like having a decent coffee in a local cafe, seeing friends for dinner, being able to head home to see my family, leave the house for a run and then go for a walk in the same day, teaching a spin class, lifting a barbell, going to the cinema and a million other things. It makes you reevaluate what actually makes a difference to you in life

If you’re looking for a spot of motivation to move during these tricky times, get in touch as I’m doing online 1:1 PT sessions and group workouts too.

Stay safe,

Point x


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