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So, how do you get back into exercise after you’ve had a baby?

Now, it’s not something I’m rushing back to do as I know I need to listen to my body.
(I’m 8 days post partum as I write this and I’ve not yet been on a walk!)

But, it’s something I’ve been chatting about with other new mums so here are a few things to consider:

  • The 6 week check with the GP really doesn’t cover much, you’re lucky if you get a feel for your diastasis or even a check on how things are healing down there. This is mostly because it’s not in their remit.

Which leads me on to…

  • The “clearance for exercise” can’t be legit as how your body has healed and how everything functions is a determiner on you being able to exercise.

And when I say exercise, it doesn’t mean you can go running straight out of the GP!

You’ve had 9 months of growing a human which has brought on a lot of changes to your body, plus you have birthed and looked after a baby for 6 weeks.

My Advice?

  • See a women’s health physio for a pelvic health check (aka Mummy MOT) to assess your pelvic floor/core
  • Don’t go rushing back to the exercises you did pre pregnancy
  • Follow post natal specific exercises that are suitable for the birth you had and any symptoms you might have

Need more inspiration?

  • Online Classes:
    • Bumps & Burpees Free Workouts on Instagram
    • FIIT‘s post natal programme (head here for a free trial)
    • @mamawelluk’s programme, @thepilatespt’s platform to name a few!
  • In Person Classes: Whether it’s yoga, pilates or strength, there’s a class for whatever you fancy out there! Plus it’s a great chance to meet other new mums. Obviously I’m going to plug the Post Natal UpLift Class I hold here at my studio, The Barn KT9 every Tuesday.
  • Personal Training: work with a PT who is QUALIFIED. There are a few out there who think they can train you because you’ve been signed off to exercise/you’re no longer pregnant, however, a lot has gone on in your body and you will need someone who is educated on this.

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