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How to exercise for FREE

Obviously first things first I’m going to say that exercise doesn’t need to come with a price tag as you can literally head out of your front door for a walk and you’ve already done it.

However, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with there being a trainer or some sort of structure to follow.

Gyms / Classes

  • Local Motion Studios. Also known as my Wandsworth training ground. A private and class based studio nestled above Planet Organic. Here they specialise in movement, with it being founder Simon Stratton’s passion so all classes touch on this, from gymnastic strength to animal flow and handstands. You can catch me there every Wednesday for Tribe Conditioning at 1230pm.
    • Free First Class with code MYTRIBE
  • Enhance. A semi private PT and group training studio in Earlsfield, I’m a big fan of their well structured classes and community spirit.
  • Reach Fitness. Another SW London haunt in Earlsfield, and also Clapham, (it’s where I’m based and mostly train ya know) whose workouts focus on a very intense conditioning. The wonderful Thea Hudson teaches here so if you want to get a decent workout, head to her class!
    • Free First Class in this link here
  • Hot Pod Yoga. With this being a franchise, there are a fair few Hot Pods up and down the country. It’s hot (although not the bikram kind) yoga in an inflatable tent and pretty decent too. I did a post on Hot Pod Yoga in South Wimbledon a while back which you can read more on here.
    • Get a free class with code KY2DET
  • David Lloyd. Not the cheapest of gyms which is why they offer a free trial at a fair few locations. Simply search “Free Day Pass David Lloyd” and more often than not you’ll get one, or at least speak to the staff at your local gym. After all, it’s quite nice to be able to try before you buy!


  • Sweaty Betty: My go-to activewear brand do free classes in their stores up and down the country. Varying from HIIT to Pilates and Yoga, there’s something for everyone. These get booked up VERY quickly, but as it’s free, often the drop out rate is high so get yourself on the waiting list as you’ll more than likely get a space.
    • Head here to find out classes near you!
  • FIIT: The #1 online training app in the UK has been generous enough to allow me to give you your first month for free. You just need to head to my affiliate link here. It’s a free month of all their 550 classes! Then if you’re not into it, just cancel, although I’m loving it on the days I can’t make the gym or need a little workout inspiration.
    • Head to this link here to get FIIT at home
  • ParkRun: A Saturday morning 5km that’s supported by volunteers and has grown exponentially over the past few years. Back when I lived in Brixton it used to be my Saturday morning routine! It’s a great exercise to track your progress as you are given a barcode which gives you your time.
    • Head here to sign up.

And if none of that tickles your fancy, just step outside your front door and go for a walk.

All movement is exercise!


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