It’s the second year running I’ve not actually set any new year’s resolutions.

Not because I’m too lazy too, but because I no longer feel the need to.
Not because I’m perfect.

Far from it!

Mainly because I’m suddenly at peace with what I once saw as my flaws.

Personally, I find New Year’s Resolutions make me take a long harsh look at myself and make parts of me into issues that need to be fixed, when in fact they’re part of who I am as a human being.

If I scroll back through the notes on my phone, they still sit there.

Promises of dropping a dress size, losing 7kg, running 3x a week and eating healthily.

The likelihood is some of you may have also had these on your lists.

“This is the year I lose weight”, “diet starts Monday” etc. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Nothing at all!

Everyone is entitled to do what feels right, but it’s about what genuinely feels right for you rather than what you feel should be right for you.

Anyway, let me get back to New Year’s Resolutions…

I want you to ask yourself, if you’ve not made the same ones stick over the past years, what is different this year?
Are they really that important to you or are they things that you create for want of a new year’s resolution to talk about in the office?

If you’re making a change to make yourself feel better, surely you shouldn’t have to give up a few months in to then try again next year.

You want to feel better all year round right?

Fitness is for life, not just for after Christmas!

Last week I had a new client consultation who wanted to start training as she was motivated by the fact she’s turning 40 in the spring. She started her message to me about “being like everyone else hunting out solutions to exercise regimes” but this time she’s doing something different by finding a personal trainer to help her make it a habit that sticks.

By learning the ropes and helping find a way of exercising that suits her, it’s more likely to go beyond a new year’s resolution she vows to herself come this time next year.

However, my piece of advice to you is the 23 hours outside of your exercise regime is where you create the healthy lifestyle.

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