Who’d have thought I’d be talking to you about Earlsfield as a fitness destination?!

Well, I’ll have you know SW18 (including Wandsworth in this) is on the up with Orangetheory Fitness, F45 Wandsworth, Barrecore Wandsworth and Citycise all opening in the past 12 months.

Not to mention, it’s also the home of my favourite, Local Motion (not sponsored, I’m just biased as it’s where I do personal training).

Any hoo… Grove Pilates Earlsfield.

Reformer Pilates EarlsfieldWhy did I try it out?

Despite working in an industry full of washboard abs you can grate Eat Lean cheese on, engaging my core is something that I’ve sometimes struggled with, mainly thanks to being a thoracic breather and having really poor posture around my lumbar spin – but I’m working on this…

Now, fitness is nowhere near as beneficial unless you’re engaging the right muscles throughout the exercises. Also, it’s good to take things at a slower pace and focus on breathing as it helps your body relax (rather than HIITing it hard and letting those cortisol levels shoot through the roof).

Where is it?

Just around the corner from Earlsfield Station.

Or more precisely: 15 Smiths Yard, Summerley Street, London SW18 4HR

How much is it?

Pricing starts at £15 for a taster then it’s £25 for a drop in, with various packages if you buy in bulk. As reformer machines are niche and they take up a lot of space, classes tend to be small so it’s not surprising that prices are expensive regardless of what the facilities are like.


4 Reformer machines, mirrors to check your posture and the usual pilates blocks, balls etc. And a toilet.

Sweat Level: 3/10. It’s all slow paced and focused movements, however the more challenging moves may work up a few more beads of sweat (also please bear in mind I’m currently in the beginners classes, learning the basics so the only way is up and more challenging in time).

Value: 7.5/10. It’s the same price as other reformer classes across London however, maybe I’m being stingy here as you’re one of no more than four people which means the experience is very personal. Which is brilliant as understanding your body, the reformer and how they should move together is hard work. All the classes I’ve been to have had a really good and attentive instructor, so for me that is invaluable.

Facilities: 6/10. It’s minimal. As mentioned you’ve got the 4 reformer machines (two are a little bit old, whereas the other two are more modern but everything works). There aren’t showers (that I know of) but this is Earlsfield so it’s a head straight home once you’re done kind of job. Anyway, with this type of training, you don’t need any flashing lights or Instagrammable interiors, the value is in the teacher.

Have you tried reformer pilates? If so where and what were your thoughts?

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