What to wear to go home in after you’ve given birth

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What on earth do I wear to go home after birth?

Currently I have no idea from personal experience and just as a head’s up, I’m due end of November so I’ll be all cosy whereas if you’re giving birth in summer, it’ll be a different story.

The thing to remember is that it’s best to prepare for any outcome, that means both a c section and vaginal birth as you never really know which way labour is going to go.

The key points to remember are:

  • Comfort is king
  • Loose fitting clothing, especially around the crotch and lower abdomen (in case you have a c section)
  • Button down or other easy access for breastfeeding
  • Probably stick to something maternity
  • Unless you’re expecting paparazzi outside the hospital, it doesn’t really matter what you wear

As I don’t have a clue, I took to Instagram to ask everyone what they recommended.

In case it’s of any inspiration, here’s what everyone said:

  • “Trackies and a hoodie – comfort”
  • “1st time I wore a COS dress – I was bonkers!!! Second time I wore a cost two piece tracksuit”
  • “Stretchy dress post c section and big pants!!! No waistband but hopefully you won’t need”
  • “Long maxi dress with an oversized shirt and trainers, comfy and easy to feed if needed”
  • “Comfy maternity wear! Whatever feels best. And a big smile”
  • “Baggy shirt so easy access for feeding, giant maternity knickers and leggings”
  • “Loose jersey dungarees!”
  • “Something loose, especially around the crotch”
  • “I wore the same jersey dungarees I came in wearing – think comfort all the way!”
  • “Comfy clothes! Think I left in PJ bottoms and a hoody!”
  • “Something loose! I wore a dress but it was summer, now would go with sweatpants or similar!”
  • “Whatever is comfortable, with buttons if breastfeeding!”
  • “Girl no. 1 I wore leggings, baby number 2, had an emergency c section so wore PJ bottoms”
  • “The same catsuit I had worn through my pregnancy (I was 24)”
  • “PJs: think the opposite of K Mids”
  • “Leggings, comfy top, flip flops”
  • “I wore pregnancy leggings and an oversized shirt. And once home, remained in my PJs for 2 weeks”
  • “Very comfy tracksuit, loose top jumper”
  • “Comfies!!! Joggers, tshirt and hoodie and 100% massive knickers”
  • “High waisted Lululemons and a baggy nursing top”
  • “The comfiest clothes you can find and nothing tight!”
  • “Maternity legging and a loose top. Slip on shoes!”
  • “Oversized long t-shirt dress from the charity shop – thrown on with hoodie and sliders”
  • “Biggest knickers you can find!!! Baggy, big comfy clothing!”
  • “Comfy clothes you always wore as you’ll want to go home and disinfect. People are mad for a ‘nice outfit’!”
  • “Loose fitting dress. Didn’t want anything to cling around stomach or down there!”
  • “Elasticated waist trousers, t-shirt Mum est. 2020”
  • “Maternity wear! Leggings and a jumper”
  • “I have a floaty dress and probably converse & coat”
  • “I wore loose maternity trousers, a nursing vest top and denim shirt”
  • “I grabbed a summer dress, but you literally won’t care…you’ll just be excited to be going home. But maybe joggers or maternity leggings”
  • “Hoodie, tracksuit, massive pants”
  • “I wore a pair of black Nike leggings and a t-shirt. No glam!”
  • “I wore leggings, vest and a long, baggy jumper and my coat (January baby, so pretty chilly!)”
  • “Leggings and a baggy t-shirt with cardigan! I had swelling in my feet so flip flops too!”
  • “Something comfy! Big pants, black tracksuit bottoms and a warm top”
  • “Maternity leggings! Ideally not with lace up trainer but partner can do them up for you”
  • “Pretty much what I went in wearing as bump was still pretty big”
  • “Ideally a big floaty dresses! Putting on trousers/leggings is hard work”
  • “Depends if you expect someone to take pictures. I just wore my maternity jeans and a bodysuit (bodysuit not a good idea) + oversized blazer”
  • “I guess it depends on whether you want a royal style hospital exit photo!”
  • “I think I was in joggers! My second I had at home so was in my PJs for about 3 weeks”
  • “Loose tracksuit bottoms & baggy jumper – comfort over everything!”
  • “I wore a maternity dress from JojoMamanBebe and flip flops, but we left on a very hot day”
  • “Flip flops and a baggy dress. Was what I came in too!”
  • “I wore nice mat leggings from Seraphine and a peplum jumper to hide my tummy. Both black!”
  • “Trackies – something loose”
  • “Loose clothing!”
  • “Tracksuit. Something loose!”
  • “Maternity jeans or trackie bums”
  • “Something very baggy and comfy!”
  • “A loose fitting dress”
  • “Something loose and comfy”
  • “Something loose!”
  • “Tracksuit bottoms and one of George’s shirts”

So there we have it!

If you’re reading this, good luck!

And if you’re wondering what else to pack in your hospital bag, head to this post.


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