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A lot of people think about exercise once they're pregnant, but did you know it's even better to get started before you conceive?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should get fit to get pregnant:

  • You can work on your mobility: work on any problem areas like hips so these are less of an issue with all the postural changes in pregnancy.
  • Strong foundations for a bump to grow on: similar to the above, however you want to be able to deal with the growing bump, plus ensuring that your body doesn’t compensate (i.e lower back pain or hip flexors playing up)
  • Prepares you for whatever pregnancy may hold: feeling strong in your body helps you feel stronger in mind. Knowing you’re working towards getting pregnant means you are more prepared.
  • It can help regulate hormones.
  • Motherhood requires A LOT of lifting: strength takes time to build up so you might as well get a good base while you can before tapering off throughout pregnancy.
  • Get used to working your pelvic floor/core: it’s not all sitting down and that awkward staring into the distance. You should be working these muscles in every movement, deadlifting (aka picking things up), standing, overhead pressing (throwing your little one into the air) etc.

If you’re looking for more advice on training during conception and throughout pregnancy, get in touch.


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