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It’s something I find a lot of my clients and friends struggle with, and personally I do too.

Thanks to diet culture and the physical pressures of being female, having to “let go” of this control during pregnancy can be pretty hard for a lot of us!

Plus add in those hormones that make you cry at the RSPCA adverts on TV and you’re in for a rollercoaster with your self-esteem.

On that note, more often than not it is your mood that gives you a “low body day” so hopefully it will pass.

In the early stages, you’re bloated AF, feeling nausea or vomiting and too tired to get out of bed let alone exercise. There’s no denying that this will make anyone feel like rubbish! At this stage I immediately packed away my jeans and bought some maternity jeans to feel more comfortable (plus I might as well get as many wears out of them as possible!)

The early stage of pregnancy into early second trimester is still pretty frustrating body image wise as your body is growing, you’re putting on weight to help grow the baby (plus a lot of this is extra blood, placenta, baby and the rest) and your bump is just a more squishy version of your tummy, rather than the round baby bump you see everyone fawning over. At this point, remind yourself it’ll come! And also, it’ll only get in the way so enjoy being more mobile.

Third Trimester I’m yet to get to, but I understand a lot of women face the comments on the size of the bump, haven’t you given birth yet, the unsolicited hands on the stomach etc. Prepare yourself for these but also let your nearest and dearest know to hold off on anything along these lines!

Truth is during pregnancy we need to put our baby first and the true meaning of health (not the crash diets, 6 week challenges and bikini bodies the media have us believe is health). We need to look after ourselves but that means nourishing with the right food (plus crisps, chocolate biscuits and whatever else helps you get through!); moving to stay strong and decrease the onset of any niggles or pains plus taking those naps when we find we can no longer keep our eyes open.

So, here are a few things I’ve learned from working with prenatal clients as a personal trainer, plus I’ve included a section with all the advice from my followers on Instagram and friends.

  • While pregnant, there is often the incentive to exercise so you don’t put on weight. It’s time to reframe that mindset in, now is not the time to exercise to lose weight, but to maintain a good level of weight increase. It’s about training to keep a healthy and strong body throughout your pregnancy so you can be strong into motherhood.
  • Move what you can, but don’t get frustrated if you can’t. Depending on health issues, mobility and the rest, you won’t always be able to move as much as you’re used to, or even expected yourself to be able to do. Just focus on the times when you have the energy to train, but remember not to go too hard as it will take you longer to recover.
  • Your body is changing in this way to help you grow a baby so it helps to understand the process so you can be more open to the changes.
  • Invest in yourself. Don’t let your health and self care drop to the bottom of your to do list. Now is the time to look after yourself, pick yourself up with something that makes you feel good, whether that’s a pregnancy massage, a PT session or a pedicure.
  • Focus on the end goal. That’s not “getting your pre baby body” but the bundle(s) of joy at the other end. Knowing your body has grown and brought this beautiful baby into the world and thanks to you taking care of it during your pregnancy.

Right, enough of my advice, here's what you all had to say

  • Buy a couple of fabulous dresses
  • Take loads and load of photos and you will realise you’re not big at all
  • Also, you’ll will miss your bump massively once it has gone
  • Buying comfortable clothes that you feel good in & just keep moving (if possible)
  • Remembering that all things are a phase… which then applies to the baby after as well
  • Having a tan has helped me
  • Enjoy growing, amazing what the body does and felt liberating
  • Buy a good pair of jeans and then everything else can stretch with you
  • Buy yourself something fab to wear! You feel good if you look good!
  • “Pregnant not powerless” you are growing a human. It’s amazing

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