Spinning during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and cardio don’t always go hand in hand as the body’s changes can make it feel fairly awkward or uncomfortable.

With spinning however, it’s totally possible and actually is quite a favourable form of cardio as you don’t have any risk of falling as you would do with a bike and it’s low impact.

So, if you’re excited about getting back to your favourite spin class after lockdown, but wondering if it’ll be a bumpy ride, here are my top tips:

  • Have the handlebars a little higher. This will help support your back, core and also make sure that bump doesn’t get in the way.
  • Stay hydrated! There’s a lot of sweating going on in a spin class so make sure you’re drinking throughout the class.
  • Keep Breathing. Your baby needs oxygen, and if you’re out of breath, you’re not going to be getting much in! (In short, you want to be able to maintain a conversation when you exercise during pregnancy).
  • Watch the resistance. If you’re spinning properly (shoulders down, use that core to stabilise), your core will do a lot of work to stop your upper body moving all over the place. If it’s too heavy, you might find it’s too much for your core and you might see doming. If so, lessen the resistance.
  • Avoid the press ups and jumping around. No one needs that in their life 😝. But seriously, there’s a lot of body awareness needed for this and it’s not great for the back if you’re not in tune with having the right technique.

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