So, it is probably about time that I wrote about the other man in my life… Barry.

I go here so often, it’s a place I’ve never thought to write a review on Barry’s Bootcamp, but you’re in luck today as I’m doing just that.

It’s the class I get asked about the most by my clients. Branded the hardest workout in the world, a lot of people say that they’re too scared to try a Barry’s Bootcamp class.

It is tough.

That red room paired with the trainers in it do push you outside of that comfort zone more than any other treadmill come weights class I’ve ever experienced (sorry Bests Bootcamp and 1Rebel Reshape, you don’t quite cut the mustard).

Barry's BootcampBarry's Bootcamp

The workout
Usually Tuesday 9:30am Butt & Legs at Barry’s East in between clients at Elevate LDN

What? – Anywhere between 2 and 8 rounds of treadmill and floor work. Depending on the class, you can expect incline runs, endurance slogs and dynamic sprints on the treadmill followed (or preceded) by a combo of high rep bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for time.

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp

Value – 9/10 Standard London class pricing of £20 a class, although you can buy packs which give you a few £s off. If you were to measure the sweat to £ ratio, you’d be getting a pretty good deal. The instructors here know how to get you moving with their playlists, session plans that discover new muscle groups you might not have worked before and their way of delivering a class in a way that feels personal – yes, they may have a list of everyone’s names but they know exactly how to use it to pick you up when you want to stop.

Facilities – 8/10. After going to 1Rebel and BXR, I can’t give Barry’s Bootcamp too high a score as I now know there are things like face moisturiser and ice cold towels in some studios… Some of the changing rooms are a tad small but they have everything you could need, stocked with Malin + Goetz (DREAMY!). The treadmills in Barry’s East need an upgrade though but I reckon that’ll be coming in due course.

Sweat level – 10/10. Provided you give it your all, you’ll sweat a solid 10/10. There’s a reason I keep it in my training for a weekly arse kicking!

So there you have it.

Barry's Bootcamp

And if you need a few starting pointers (pun always intended), here are a few of the instructors I recommend checking out.

Favourite instructors – funnily enough if you want a hard time, I would say hit up the female instructors

  • Connor Minney – Took my Barry’s virginity. Painful at first but I’ve been going back for more ever since…
  • Anya – This lady’s runs are KILLER! Be prepared to take your usual treadmill level down in Anya’s workouts.
  • Alex Castro – Attitude is everything with this guy. If you’re not working hard, be prepared to #$*&ing know about it.
  • Jemma – Great music that makes the tread of dread feel more enjoyable.
  • Sarah M – A fairly recent addition to the crew and so motivational helps you feel comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Hannah L – I tried her arms class once… It turns out this lady can make you work up a full body sweat even by training triceps and biceps.

Best Barry’s Bootcamp studio?

Barry’s East – Mainly because it’s near Elevate LDN so it’s pretty convenient, but the studio itself is a decent size and layout, as are the changing rooms (Central & SW1 changing rooms are a little small but hey, you’re here to work out so what does that matter!?)

As you can see, I drag pretty much everyone along so if you’re in the market for a class HIIT me up!

See you in the red room!

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