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Perspiring and inspiring pretty much sums up Saturday afternoon at Boom Cycle with Badass Women’s Hour. A room packed full of sweaty females high on endorphins and energy from a spin class led by the co-owner of Boom Cycle, Hilary Rowland, is fast becoming quite a common sight.

The gym space is no longer a space solely dedicated to the testoster-zone, but filled with females lifting, moving and shaking with confidence and it’s f***ing great (just in case my mum reads this). But it doesn’t stop there. Because we know what women want, female led businesses in the fitness industry are booming, quite literally in Hilary’s case!

IMG_20170318_135939The panel was led by the Badass Women’s Hour, Harriet Minter, Natalie Campbell & Emma Sexton with the new editor of Women’s Health, Claire Sanderson; Laura Fullerton, founder of Fitty LDN and of course Hilary Rowland, co-founder of BOOM Cycle. Talking about how supportive everyone is of each other in the fitness industry, probably due to feeling good from working out so much. Although more and more fitness based businesses are popping up, the fitness industry hasn’t reached its limit, there’s still a lot more stuff to sweat (someone in the audience was the talking about her business, Hi Doll)

So, in terms of what’s to come, here were a few trend predictions…


    Although working out helps make sure my jeans still fit, the main reason I work out is to keep me sane, get that endorphin hit and to generally feel happier in myself. Lose that fixation with the number on the scale and become more in tune with how you feel as this is the key to long term success. Make working out something you enjoy and find fun and what happens next is a bonus side effect.


    These days, people are retoxing in an indulgent few days and then heading for a detox  so they actually feel like they’ve had a holiday. With the likes of fitness bloggers such as Carly Rowena and Zanna van Dijk taking to Bali and Thailand for fitness retreats, and more and more trainers taking their expertise to warmer climes, there’s no surprise this business is set to boom. Burpees without the English drizzle must be slightly more pleasant, surely?


    Having a night out and waking up the following day feeling energised and possibly hangover free? No, I’m not talking about those IV vitamin drip things, simply, trading in the G&T for a night of LBT. More and more people are spending their nights sweating together in exercise classes rather than in overheated clubs. Women’s Health Fit Night Out is on 5th October.


    With all the endorphins exercising generates, it’s no surprise it often helps alleviate depression. Rather than relying on prescribed medication, people are now moving away towards assessing their nutrition and exercise regime to help with their mental health.  More and more studies are showing how exercising is helping to alleviate depression, bring about more confidence and energise us, so what more reason do you need? With stress often playing a huge role in today’s lifestyle it’s more important than ever to keep moving to ensure a happier and healthier life.

So they are the trends you’ve got to look forward to, but what if you want to be a badass in every aspect of your fitness. Like, right now?!

Well… wonder no more and read on.

“Try It” 

Natalie Campbell, Badass Women’s Hour 

Whatever your body wants to do, just go for it! If you want to do yoga all week, stretch it out. If you no longer want to run, stop. Interested in trying out the new class everyone’s talking about? Give it a go. Stay in tune with what your body wants and don’t be afraid to try new things.


“Little and often” 

Emma Sexton, Badass Women’s Hour 

Whatever you do, don’t go hell for leather as you’ll burn out! You also don’t need to train for hours on end as it actually becomes less effective, less is indeed more! You should aim to be consistently good, not occasionally perfect.


“Book a class with a friend”

Laura Fullerton, Fitty LDN

It’s harder to bail if you know someone else is involved. It also makes working out all the more fun having someone to motivate you as you push through the final reps/sprint/move.


“Do you” 

Hilary Rowland, BOOM Cycle

Don’t compare yourself to other people. You should do what feels good for you as that person you see working out is probably in a different stage of their fitness journey


“The hardest part is putting on your kit”

Claire Sanderson, Women’s Health UK

Putting your kit on is the first step in consciously making that decision to workout. If you’ve got this nailed then you’re pretty much halfway there. Understandably, first thing in the morning, this isn’t the easiest so lay your kit out the night before. Working out later in the day? Just wear your kit so you’re staying in that same frame of mind, ready to go. Or take a few lunges around the house if the mood strikes you… Wouldn’t recommend this approach if you’re heading off for a fancy dinner with your in-laws though. Probably best stick to “real” clothes.


“It takes time. Time out of your day, time to get there”

Harriet Minter, Badass Women’s Hour

Rome wasn’t built in a day so I’m afraid to say those abs may not appear over night. Make your workouts an appointment with yourself, schedule them into your diary as you would a friend to keep them coming. Time to get there isn’t always instantly apparent so track your progress. Find one or many exercises and measure it; whether it’s the weight on your barbell squat, how fast you can complete 5km or your handstand progression.


I would like to say I’m longstanding among the longstanding fans of the podcast but I only stumbled across them last week thanks to their appearance in @HDawgBoom’s instagram feed. Safe to say, after yesterday I’ll definitely be adding them to my list of must listens. You should too. I’ve even done the hard work by including the link here

Also, thanks to B-Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice for refuelling us and the other brands involved in the overflowing goodie bag. Especially Two Chicks Chirps and Billy Franks beef jerky which are definitely being added to my weekly shop!

Here’s to being a badass with a great ass!

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